Collection: Duplo Anti-Skid Studs and Spikes

  • Duplo Anti-Skid Studs with Disc - not for multiple stud change 
  • Locktite to secure the Studs or the Stud Blanks
  • Nut Driver to tighten or remove the Studs
  • Stud Blanks to protect the threads when no Studs are in use
  • Hex Key to insert and remove Stud Blanks
  • Thread Saver to protect the threads and keep them clean when no Studs are in use
  • Duplo self-tapping Spikes - these can be used on most of Duplo Composite Shoes
  • Adapter for the Spikes - necessary to insert the spikes into the shoe with use of a power tool

Please note that the L Spike should not be used in the STS (Straight Toe Shoe) in the toe area.