Benefit of the Duplo Composite Horseshoe


The Flexible Urethane Coating

Like the horse's hoof, the Duplo "hybrid" horseshoe incorporates both soft and hard components. The soft component, made of urethane material, fulfills various functions in both pure plastic and composite horseshoes, including:

Shock Absorption: Thanks to the relatively soft synthetic cover, the impact of the hoof on the ground is cushioned, reducing shock and high-frequency vibrations. This results in a more comfortable walking experience for the horse.

Stimulates the Hoof Mechanism: The flexible urethane material promotes the mobility of the elastic hoof structures, encouraging natural hoof movement. Additionally, the synthetic bar can enhance blood circulation in the horse's hoof.

Provides Natural Traction: A urethane horseshoe exhibits anti-slide properties like those of a barefoot horse, offering a more natural traction compared to the prolonged sliding phase of a
conventional metal horseshoe.

Often Weight Saving: Compared to a traditional steel shoe with equivalent supplementary equipment (such as a bar in the heel area, shock-absorbing inlay, and snow guard), a regular composite horseshoe is lighter. This reduced weight is gentler on the horse's joints.

Reduces Risk of Injury: The softer material and rounded edges of a urethane horseshoe decrease the likelihood of injuries in herds and during irregular movements, in contrast to the higher risk associated with conventional steel shoes or the sharp edges of a bare hoof.

Protects Ground Surfaces: In a composite horseshoe without spikes or studs, direct contact between metal and ground is eliminated due to the integration of nail heads within the synthetic material. When ridden responsibly, delicate surfaces like asphalt streets or historical clinker pavement are unlikely to sustain damage from Duplo horseshoes.

Suitable as a Winter Shoe: The molded synthetic lip serves as a debris guard and minimizes the accumulation of snow and debris. For additional traction, spikes or studs can be added if needed. During winter conditions, we recommend using the Standard model.

The Solid Metal Core  

The metal core provides support to the bony areas of the hoof. Additionally, depending on the specific requirements of the horse, Duplo also provides a composite straight bar shoe for more heel stability.

Optimizes Pressure Distribution: The solid metal inlay of a composite horseshoe ensures torsion-free stability, maintaining its shape over an extended period. This feature not only prolongs the horseshoe's lifespan but also prevents excessive pressure on the sole, like a steel shoe.

Reliable Nailing Holes: Nail holes are seamlessly integrated into the metal inlay, guaranteeing secure placement during regular shoeing. This design prevents nail heads from slipping through, akin to the
reliability of a steel shoe. The oblong nail holes, positioned perpendicular to the white line, allow for precise nail placement and adjustment to accommodate irregular hoof shapes. It's important to select horseshoe nails with an E head to ensure a proper fit.

Individual Modifications Possible: Duplo horseshoes offer numerous customization options, allowing skilled craftsmen to tailor them to the unique shape of each hoof and address the specific needs of the horse, mirroring the versatility of traditional steel shoes.

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