Getting to Know the Duplo Composite Horseshoe

Standard and Extra
There are two lines of Duplo models distinguished by the firmness of their synthetic material. The Standard models are crafted from a comparatively soft synthetic material, identifiable by their knob inlays (or small dots) in orange. The Extra models, on the other hand, are manufactured from a slightly firmer material than the Standard models and can be recognized by their knob inlays (or small dots) in green.

Exception: The Basic models don't have colored knob inlays; their degree of hardness is recognizable by an abbreviation (Std./Ex.) on the hoof side of the horseshoe.

The choice of horseshoe that is best for your horse depends not only on individual preferences but also on the temperature. The softer synthetic material used in the Standard models maintains flexibility during cold weather, preserving its shock-absorbing qualities. In contrast, the harder material of the Extra models is more heat-resistant and maintains its abrasion resistance even in higher temperatures.


Nearly all Duplo Horseshoes come with two rows of knobs. These knobs are embedded into the weight-bearing surface of the hoof wall, assisting in maintaining the horseshoe's position on the hoof. Practical experience has indicated that two rows of knobs are effective for this purpose, even when quarter clips are not present, as long as the horseshoe has been applied with care. For sensitive horses with irregularly shaped or very flat hooves, it is advisable to remove the inner knobs to prevent them from applying pressure to the sole.


Synthetic Rim
The majority of Duplo models feature a molded synthetic inner rim that significantly minimizes the buildup of snow, sand, and debris. This feature makes Duplo Horseshoes well-suited not only for winter use but also for various other conditions.


Quarter Clips

A substantial number of Duplo Horseshoes come with clips, a design choice that has proven to be highly effective. These clips simplify the process of nailing by holding the horseshoe securely in place even before all the nails are applied. Throughout the routine shoeing cycle, they serve to prevent the horseshoe from twisting or shifting out of position.



Each Duplo Horseshoe features a profiled bottom surface, but certain models have a more pronounced profile that enhances the horseshoe's anti-slide capabilities. We recommend using profiled horseshoes on muddy or rocky terrain where extra grip is essential.




Threads for Studs
Thanks to their material and profiled surface, Duplo Horseshoes offer excellent slip resistance. Nevertheless, there are scenarios where additional anti-slide features are required. This is why certain Duplo models come equipped with two or four screw threads, allowing you to insert screw studs for enhanced traction when needed.

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Closed Sole Area
Certain Duplo models have a fully enclosed sole area or incorporate an integrated synthetic grid. These horseshoes are frequently employed for flat and sensitive hooves or on trails with a high presence of stones. Additionally, they serve numerous therapeutic purposes in various applications.



Reinforced Toe Area (Arizona) 
The Duplo models featuring a reinforced toe area were developed in close collaboration with the Miller Ranch in Arizona, where they are put to the test in challenging conditions, particularly during riding in rocky terrain. To withstand these challenges, the toe area is encased with steel, safeguarding the synthetic material from extreme abrasive damage.
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Ring-Shaped Metal Inlay  
Certain Duplo models are equipped with a ring-shaped metal inlay, reminiscent of traditional Heart Bar metal horseshoes. This characteristic makes these horseshoes exceptionally sturdy and resistant to torsion, even under heavy usage. They are particularly well-suited for horses that require an extremely robust and simultaneously shock-absorbing horseshoe.
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Particularly Solid Horseshoes
The Duplo Heavy Duty Shoe (HDS) in sizes 118mm up to 198mm, is manufactured with a larger metal inlay and a thicker synthetic layer, extending the lifespan of the horseshoe, especially under heavy use. This durability makes it particularly suitable for demanding conditions, such as with draft horses or exceptionally large hooves.


Straight Toe (STS)
In contrast to a standard round Duplo Horseshoe, the Duplo Straight Toe Shoe (STS) features a slightly straightened toe area. This design allows for the adjustment of the horseshoe's position on the hoof towards the rear, making it easier to achieve an early breakover.




Open Toe
The different models of open-toed Duplo Horseshoes were initially designed for the management of chronic laminitis. However, daily practice has demonstrated that these open-toed models are not only well-suited for laminitic hooves but can also be beneficial for addressing certain other hoof conditions and diagnoses.
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Duplo Accessories

Every clipped Duplo Horseshoe can be paired with a compatible wedge inlay. A horseshoe with a wedge is employed when there is a need for altering the hoof angle while maintaining excellent shock absorption. The Duplo Wedge serves as the perfect complement to the Duplo Horseshoe for specific diagnoses and situations.
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Glue-On Tabs
The Duplo Horseshoe was originally designed to be nailed onto hooves. However, in cases where the condition of the hoof doesn't permit nailing, Duplo Horseshoes can also be partially or entirely attached using adhesive methods.
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