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Duplo Basic Composite Horseshoe - Clipped and Profiled

Duplo Basics

Offering low-cost hoof protection without compromising on quality is not an option for us. Instead, we've concentrated on enhancing other facets to introduce our economical model, the Basic Composite Horseshoe, at a more affordable rate. These shoes are profiled for added traction.

Zinc Coating

The quarter clips and metal core are not zinc-coated, increasing their vulnerability to rust. Yet, it's essential to note that this rust susceptibility is solely cosmetic and does not impact the overall quality of the horseshoe. This choice was made deliberately to ensure a more economical price point.


Lately, we've noticed that our clipped horseshoes effectively guard against hoof twisting or slipping. Consequently, the Duplo Basic Composite Horseshoe is produced without knob arrays, relying on the quarter clips for stability.

Grinding the Quarter Clips

In this model, we do not grind the quarter clips in advance. For safety reasons, the farrier is responsible for grinding them on-site.

It's important to keep in mind that the quarter clips of the Basic horseshoe not only need to be adjusted to the hoof angle as usual but also require grinding before use.

Duplo Heavy Duty Composite Horseshoe

Duplo Heavy Duty Shoe

A Particularly Solid Horseshoe

The Duplo Heavy Duty Shoe (HDS) in sizes 118mm up to 198mm, is manufactured with a larger metal inlay and a thicker synthetic layer, extending the lifespan of the horseshoe, especially under heavy use. This durability makes it particularly suitable for demanding conditions, such as with draft horses or exceptionally large hooves.

Duplo Classic Pony Horseshoe

Classic Pony Glue-On Shoes

Please note that the Duplo Pony Classic Composite Horseshoes are only for use as glue-on shoes. 

  • No knobs
  • Initially available only in oval and closed sole shapes sizes 74-94
  • No nail holes -> pure glue-on application
  • Round: 50-98mm / Oval: 50-94mm
  • For gluing, we recommend Wolf Busch Glue-On Tabs
  • For pony sizes, it may be necessary to adjust the Glue-On tabs in height and width to fit the hoof. Size 3 can be used down to size 90mm. For smaller sizes, smaller tabs will soon be available. While it is not recommended to use Profi and Easy, it is, of course, at your own discretion.
  • Depending on the size, the horseshoes will be "thinner"
  • L-spikes not recommended as they don't fit
  • Extensions are not suitable for use here

Peter van der Gugten, Trail Rider and Guide For 20 years

I have been working as a guide and trail rider all around the world. In 2004, we rode 1400 km from Budapest to Offenburg on Nonius horses with iron horseshoes. The harsh impact on our horses while trotting on asphalt along the Danube bothered me back then. When I got hold of the first plastic horseshoes, I knew I wanted to try them out. It turned out to be a mistake. After just a few kilometers, the shoe without an iron core and without side caps twisted, and we had to re-nail it and secure it with tape. So, we went back to using iron. However, in 2006, when I first got my hands on Duplos, we were thrilled. Finally, a shoe that could be securely attached to the hoof without restricting its movement like an iron shoe. Additionally, it opened up entirely new possibilities for us, such as crossing rock slabs in the high mountains or, as seen here, traversing alpine valleys on iron water pipes. Of course, there were setbacks as well. During one of the rides in 2008, the shoes lasted only 300 km for one of our friends with a Haflinger before wearing out. Hubert Frank from Duplo Germany explained to us over the phone what might have caused it, and from that day on, we purchased the shoes each autumn and nailed them on in the spring. We regularly cover 500 to 800 km with one set of shoes every summer during our 4-5-week rides. In 2018-19, we rode 5000 km along the Continental Divide in the USA, renewing the shoes approximately every 800 km. My Mustang, Deets, weighing 520 kg, covered 1200 km with the HDS shoes. During my alpine crossings with guests, I recommend nailing on Duplos in Extra variant. From my perspective, these shoes act as life insurance for the horses in the mountains and provide riders with a great feeling of security.

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