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Anti-Skid Studs with Disc

Anti-Skid Studs with Disc

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Studs are screwed into threaded inserts. The threaded inserts are set in the synthetic material and therefore not suitable for stud change.

The use of spikes and studs as well as the monitoring of their correct fit and intactness during the shoeing period is at the responsibility of the horse owner in cooperation with the on-site farrier. 

Speed, especially on slippery surfaces and in winter conditions, is always at the discretion of the rider. To prevent injuries, speed must be reduced appropriately. The use of spikes and studs increases the risk of injuries in herd situations.

If you aren't inserting the studs after shoeing, we recommend using an M8 set screw to protect the threads. 

For more information please see here.

Please also watch this video about stud application here.

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