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Duplo Frank Germany

Synthetic Grid and Plate

Synthetic Grid and Plate

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We usually recommend to use closed horseshoes for flat, sensitive soles or in case of very stony trails - and of course, there are numerous therapeutic applications possible.

Application of the Synthetic Grid and Plate

With our synthetic plate and a heat gun, you can easily create a closed Duplo Horseshoe from a model with open sole area if you don't have the appropriate model at hand.

Please note: The application of our modification accessories is at your own discretion!

Dimensions of both the Synthetic Grid and Plate

Length: 147mm
Width: 147mm
Height: 3mm

Advantages of the Synthetic Grid

The grid serves the same purpose as a completely closed plate but reduces the weight of the horseshoe. If necessary, spare padding material can exit through the holes and won't exert uncomfortable pressure on the hoof.

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