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Practice Welding Kit

Practice Welding Kit

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Welding plastic tabs or extensions onto Duplo Composite Horseshoes may not be overly complex, but achieving a strong and durable outcome does require some skill and experience. To help you avoid using actual Duplo Horseshoes for your initial attempts, we offer an affordable practice kit with Duplo dummies.

• 8 Duplo dummies (random assortment of different sizes and shapes)
• 8 Duplo glue-on tabs "Easy" with regular surface

Please note: The Duplo dummies are not suitable as hoof protection!

Why are the dummies so cheap?

On a routine basis, we engage in machine rebuilds whenever there's a switch to a different Duplo model or size to be manufactured. During the initial production runs, we create "dummy horseshoes" that lack the metal inlay, allowing us to fine-tune the settings. Traditionally, we recycle these dummies by regranulating the material. However, we've observed that they also serve as excellent practice material for plastic welding.
Take a look at our glueing instruction for further information about plastic-welding:
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