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Welding Device

Welding Device

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At present, the process of affixing a horseshoe using glue is more intricate compared to the traditional method of nailing. This complexity arises in part from the necessity to weld the glue-on tabs onto the horseshoe before applying it to the hoof. This welding process demands meticulous care and consumes a significant amount of time, while the outcomes may also be subject to variation based on environmental conditions. To address these challenges, we introduce the Duplo Welding Device. The mini welding table does not come with a stand and must be clamped in a vice. The table and attachments are manufactured to work with the Steinel HL 1920 E heat gun. This item can be purchased on Amazon.

Please watch the videos on the welding device and the glue-on tabs

Assembly instructions for the Mini Welding Device.

Assembly instructions for the Standard Welding Device.

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