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Duplo Frank Germany

Duplo Jumper

Duplo Jumper

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We don't regularly stock the Jumper's. We can order them for you. Please contact us directly via Email. 

These are sold per shoe. If you need a pair, please order two.

The robust crossbar of the Straight Bar Jumper horseshoe provides added stability and is highly resistant to twisting, which is particularly advantageous in show jumping to ensure the horseshoe can withstand extreme stresses.

Quarter clips are also beneficial as they help prevent the horseshoe from twisting or shifting on the hoof during regular shoeing intervals, which is crucial during landings and tight turns in disciplines such as show jumping or eventing.

The stud holes in the 'Jumper' model are designed for easy screwing in and out of studs, allowing for quick removal after training or competition to preserve the show jumping horse's locomotor system.

The unique feature of this horseshoe is its shock-absorbing plastic coating, which is especially beneficial in disciplines like show jumping, eventing, or hunting where the horse's locomotor system is subjected to high levels of stress.

For more information please read here.

It is important to choose the correct size studs for the Jumper. 


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