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Duplo Frank Germany

Duplo Basic Clipped and Profiled (without knobs)

Duplo Basic Clipped and Profiled (without knobs)

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Affordable Horseshoes Without Compromising Quality

Zinc Coating

The quarter clips and the metal core are not zinc-coated, which makes them more susceptible to rust. However, this is purely a cosmetic issue and does not affect the quality of the horseshoe. We made this decision to offer a more affordable price.


In recent years, we've observed that our clipped horseshoes generally provide sufficient protection against twisting or slipping on the hoof. As a result, the Basic shoe is manufactured without knob arrays.

Grinding the Quarter Clips

In this model, we do not grind the quarter clips in advance. For safety reasons, the farrier is responsible for grinding them on-site.

It's important to keep in mind that the quarter clips of the Basic horseshoe not only need to be adjusted to the hoof angle as usual but also require grinding before use.

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