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Duplo Frank Germany

Cast Hooks Metal without Screws

Cast Hooks Metal without Screws

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Immobilization and stabilization can be achieved using a hoof cast, which allows for the application of a Duplo shoe without the need for nailing or gluing. The cast hooks and a casting tape are used to secure the Duplo shoe to the hoof, providing the necessary support and protection

You can order screws from us for attaching the casting hooks to the horseshoes.

Please have a look at the detailed cast instruction of the German manufacturer - , there is also a video available.

The application of a hoof cast, the duration of its use, and the potential interactions in other areas require the expertise of trained professionals, possibly in consultation with the local veterinarian.

Please Note: The coronary band and the heel bulbs must remain uncovered!

Please take care not to cut yourself on the sharp edges.

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